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Status Feature Description Enabled Gates
On burial_claim_confirmation_email Enables burial claim form email submission confirmation Boolean
On caregiver_mulesoft Whether to use MuleSoft when submitting to CARMA. Boolean
On caregiver_sigi_enabled Whether Self-Identifying Gender Identity is enabled for caregiver. Boolean
On caregiver_use_facilities_API Allow list of caregiver facilites to be fetched by way of the Facilities API. Boolean
On cerner_override_531 This will show the Cerner facility 531 as `isCerner`. Boolean
On cerner_override_653 This will show the Cerner facility 653 as `isCerner`. Boolean
On cerner_override_668 This will show the Cerner facility 668 as `isCerner`. Boolean
On cerner_override_687 This will show the Cerner facility 687 as `isCerner`. Boolean
On cerner_override_692 This will show the Cerner facility 692 as `isCerner`. Boolean
On cerner_override_757 This will show the Cerner facility 757 as `isCerner`. Boolean
On ch31_central_mail_form_confirmation_email Enables Ch31 form email submission confirmation after vbms Boolean
On ch31_vbms_form_confirmation_email Enables Ch31 form email submission confirmation after central mail Boolean
On check_in_experience_browser_monitoring Enables browser monitoring for check-in applications. Boolean
On check_in_experience_enabled Enables the health care check-in experiences Boolean
On check_in_experience_phone_appointments_enabled Enables telephone appointments for check-in Boolean
On check_in_experience_pre_check_in_enabled Enables the health care check-in experiences to show the pre-check-in experience. Boolean
On check_in_experience_translation_disclaimer_spanish_enabled Enables disclaimer for possible untranslated content on spanish pages Boolean
On check_in_experience_travel_reimbursement Enables travel reimbursement workflow for day-of check-in application. Boolean
On claim_letters_access Enables users to access the claim letters page Boolean
On coe_access Feature gates the certificate of eligibility application Boolean
On combined_debt_portal_access Enables users to interact with combined debt portal experience Boolean
On combined_financial_status_report Enables users to submit FSR forms for VHA and VBA debts Boolean
On combined_financial_status_report_enhancements Enables users to interact with the new cFSR enhancements and avoid list loops Boolean
On communication_preferences Allow user to access backend communication_preferences API Boolean
On covid_vaccine_registration Toggles availability of covid vaccine form API. Boolean
On covid_vaccine_registration_expanded Toggles availability of covid vaccine expanded registration form API. Boolean
On covid_vaccine_registration_frontend Toggles the availability of the frontend form on for the covid-19 vaccine sign-up Boolean
On covid_vaccine_registration_frontend_cta Toggles the availability of the call-to-action prompt (cta) on "" leading to the frontend form on for the covid-19 vaccine sign-up Boolean
On covid_vaccine_registration_frontend_enable_expanded_eligibility Toggles the 'continue' button to launch the new expanded eligibility VAFS app Boolean
On covid_vaccine_registration_frontend_hide_auth Toggles the availability of the sign-in button on the covid-19 vaccine sign-up form on Note: When this is enabled, the 'Sign in' button will be hidden Boolean
On covid_volunteer_delivery Toggles whether COVID Research volunteer submissions will be delivered to genISIS Boolean
On covid_volunteer_intake_backend_enabled Toggles whether the COVID Research volunteer intake vets-api endpoint is available Boolean
On covid_volunteer_intake_enabled Toggles whether COVID Research volunteer intake form Version 2 is available Boolean
On covid_volunteer_update_enabled Toggles whether COVID Research volunteer update form and associated endpoint are available Boolean
On debt_letters_show_letters Enables debt letters Boolean
On decision_review_hlr_email Send email notification for successful HLR submission Boolean
On decision_review_sc_email Send email notification for successful SC submission Boolean
On decision_review_weekly_error_report_enabled Enables the weekly decision review text error report Boolean
On dependency_verification Feature gates the dependency verification modal for updating the diaries service. Boolean
On dependents_pension_check Manage whether or not Pension check is enabled for the 686/674 Boolean
On dependents_removal_check Manage whether or not dependent removal claim codes are enabled for the 686 Boolean
On dhp_connected_devices_fitbit Enables linking between account and fitbit account Boolean
On direct_deposit_cnp Allow users to access direct deposit comp and pen APIs Boolean
On direct_deposit_edu Allow users to access direct deposit education benefits APIs Boolean
On direct_deposit_vanotify Send direct deposit emails using VaNotify service Boolean
On disability_compensation_flashes enables sending flashes to BGS for disability_compensation submissions. Boolean
On discharge_wizard_features Iteration of new features for discharge wizard Boolean
On ezcg_use_facility_api Enables 1010EZ & 1010CG to use the Facility API instead of JSON schema Boolean
On facility_locator_lighthouse_covid_vaccine_query enable covid search/display Boolean
On facility_locator_ppms_forced_unique_id Use an hexdigest for the ID on PPMS Place of Service Calls Boolean
On facility_locator_ppms_legacy_urgent_care_to_pos_locator force the legacy urgent care path to use the new POS locator Boolean
On facility_locator_pull_operating_status_from_lighthouse A fast and dirty way to get the operating status from lighthouse Boolean
On facility_locator_rails_engine Use rails engine routes for all Facility Locator API calls Boolean
On facility_locator_restore_community_care_pagination Restores pagination for community care providers, emergency care, and pharmacies. (urgent care is excluded) Boolean
On facility_locator_show_community_cares On enable veterans to search for Community care by showing that option in the "Search for" box. Boolean
On facility_locator_show_health_connect_number On enable the health connect phone number display Boolean
On file_upload_short_workflow_enabled Enables shorter workflow enhancement for file upload component Boolean
On form10182_nod Form 10182 Notice of Disagreement - Request a board appeal Boolean
On form686c_confirmation_email Boolean
On get_help_ask_form Enables inquiry form for users to submit questions, suggestions, and complaints. Boolean
On get_help_messages Enables secure messaging Boolean
On hca_american_indian_enabled Enables American Indian SIGI question page. Boolean
On hca_short_form_enabled Enables Short Form for users with or self discloser of high disability. Boolean
On hca_use_facilities_API Allow list of medical care facilites to be fetched by way of the Facilities API. Boolean
On in_progress_form_custom_expiration Enable/disable custom expiration dates for forms Boolean
On in_progress_form_reminder Enable/disable in progress form reminders (sent via VaNotify) Boolean
On in_progress_form_reminder_1010ez Enable/disable 1010ez in progress form reminders (sent via VaNotify) Boolean
On in_progress_form_reminder_age_param Enable/disable in progress form reminder age param Boolean
On loop_pages Enable new list loop pattern Boolean
On medical_copays_api_key_change This will use new API key name when available Boolean
On mobile_api API endpoints consumed by the VA Mobile App (iOS/Android) Boolean
On mobile_appointment_requests enables a user to include pending appointment requests in the mobile/v0/appointments endpoint Boolean
On mobile_appointment_use_VAOS_MFS Finds facilities using VAOS's Mobile Facility Service. Boolean
On mobile_precache_appointments enables us to easily turn off pre-caching appointments if our requests are overwhelming the upstream service Boolean
On multiple_address_10_10ez [Front-end only] When enabled, the 10-10EZ will collect a home and mailing address for the veteran vs only collecting a single, "permanent" address. Boolean
On my_va_redirect After authentication redirects a user to the My VA page if they are on the homepage Boolean
On omni_channel_link This determines the visibility of the OmniChannel link in the claim status tool Boolean
On payment_history Allows manual enabling/disabling payment history when BGS is acting up (5 min response times) Boolean
On profile_block_for_fiduciary_deceased_or_incompetent Blocks profile access when a user has 1 of 3 user criteria, fiduciary, deceased, or incompetent flag Boolean
On profile_schema_forms Enables SchemaForm-based contact info edit forms on the Veteran profile page Boolean
On profile_show_address_change_modal Shows a modal that allows addresses to be duplicated from home to mailing and vice versa Boolean
On profile_show_bad_address_indicator Show/Hide the "Bad Address" indicator in the profile page. Boolean
On profile_use_vaos_v2_api Use the new VAOS v2 API endpoints Boolean
On profile_user_claims When enabled, /v0/user will return user profile claims for accessing service endpoints. Boolean
On pw_ehr_cta_drupal_source_of_truth Enabling Public Websites-managed EHR CTAs to use Drupal EHR data, including for Cerner cutovers Boolean
On pw_ehr_cta_use_slo Use single-logout (SLO) paths for Public Websites-managed EHR CTAs Boolean
On rrd_add_special_issue Fast tracks 526 disability compensation claims by adding the RRD special issue to the claim. Boolean
On rrd_asthma_compensation Fast tracks 526 disability compensation asthma claims by submitting additional health data Boolean
On rrd_asthma_release_pdf For 526 disability compensation asthma claims, add RRD PDF and set RRD special issue to route to RVSRs Boolean
On rrd_call_vro_service Enables the RRD flow to call VRO for assessing health data and generating RRD PDF Boolean
On rrd_hypertension_compensation Fast tracks 526 disability compensation hypertension claims by submitting additional health data Boolean
On rrd_mas_disability_tracking Enables Slack notifications for MAS-specific disabilities Boolean
On rrd_mas_notification Notifies MAS service that a MAS-relevant claim has come through Boolean
On search_dropdown_component_enabled Enables typeahead 2.0 functionality Boolean
On sharable_link Toggles the availability of sharable links to deep link to content Boolean
On show526_wizard This determines when the wizard should show up on the form 526 intro page Boolean
On show_dashboard_notifications Enables on-site notifications Boolean
On show_digital_form_1095b Enables access to digital 1095-B form download Boolean
On show_edu_benefits_0994_wizard This determines when the wizard should show up on the 0994 introduction page Boolean
On show_edu_benefits_1990EZ_Wizard Navigates user to 1990EZ or 1990 depending on form questions. Boolean
On show_edu_benefits_1990_wizard This determines when the wizard should show up on the 1990 introduction page Boolean
On show_edu_benefits_1995_wizard This determines when the wizard should show up on the 1995 introduction page Boolean
On show_edu_benefits_5490_wizard This determines when the wizard should show up on the 5490 introduction page Boolean
On show_edu_benefits_5495_wizard This determines when the wizard should show up on the 5495 introduction page Boolean
On show_events_v2 Enables the events v2 page Boolean
On show_expandable_vamc_alert Allows expandable alerts to be visible in vamc Boolean
On show_financial_status_report Enables VA Form 5655 (Financial Status Report) Boolean
On show_financial_status_report_wizard Enables the Wizard for VA Form 5655 (Financial Status Report) Boolean
On show_forms_app This determines when the form should be displayed. Boolean
On show_header_v2 Enables the new header Boolean
On show_healthcare_experience_questionnaire Enables showing the pre-appointment questionnaire feature. Boolean
On show_meb_dgi40_features Enables the UI integration with the meb dgi Boolean
On show_meb_unverified_user_alert Display an alert to unauthenticated users on the MEB introduction page. Boolean
On show_medical_copays Enables the medical copays application on route /manage-va-debt/medical-copays/ Boolean
On show_myva_dashboard_2_0 Enables myva 2.0 Boolean
On show_new_get_medical_records_page This will show the non-Cerner-user and Cerner-user content for the page /health-care/get-medical-records/ Boolean
On show_new_refill_track_prescriptions_page This will show the non-Cerner-user and Cerner-user content for the page /health-care/refill-track-prescriptions/ Boolean
On show_new_schedule_view_appointments_page This will show the non-Cerner-user and Cerner-user content for the page /health-care/schedule-view-va-appointments/ Boolean
On show_new_secure_messaging_page This will show the non-Cerner-user and Cerner-user content for the page /health-care/secure-messaging/ Boolean
On show_new_view_test_lab_results_page This will show the non-Cerner-user and Cerner-user content for the page /health-care/view-test-and-lab-results/ Boolean
On show_payment_and_debt_section Enables payment and debt section Boolean
On sign_in_service_enabled Enables the ability to use OAuth authentication via the Sign in Service (Identity) Boolean
On spool_testing_error_2 Enables Slack notifications for CreateDailySpoolFiles Boolean
On spool_testing_error_3 Enables email notifications for CreateDailySpoolFiles errors Boolean
On stem_automated_decision Add automated decision to 10203 application workflow Boolean
On supplemental_claim Enable showing Supplemental Claim form 0995 Boolean
On va_online_filter36_vats Update the filtering logic from 24 months to 36 months for a given clinic in the direct appointment schedule flow Boolean
On va_online_scheduling Allows veterans to view their VA and Community Care appointments Boolean
On va_online_scheduling_cancel Allows veterans to cancel VA appointments Boolean
On va_online_scheduling_clinic_filter Toggle for VAOS direct scheduling & appointment request clinic filtering Boolean
On va_online_scheduling_community_care Allows veterans to submit requests for Community Care appointments Boolean
On va_online_scheduling_direct Allows veterans to directly schedule VA appointments Boolean
On va_online_scheduling_requests Allows veterans to submit requests for VA appointments Boolean
On va_online_scheduling_status_improvement Toggle for homepage status improvement Boolean
On va_online_scheduling_unenrolled_vaccine Toggle for unenrolled vaccine scheduling discovery work. Boolean
On va_view_dependents_access Allows us to gate the View/ Modify dependents content in a progressive rollout Boolean
On yellow_ribbon_mvp_enhancement Enhances Yellow Ribbon MVP. Boolean
Conditional check_in_experience_lorota_security_updates_enabled Enables DOB instead of last 4 of SSN. Percentage Of Actors
Conditional dependents_management Manage dependent removal from view dependent page Actors
Conditional fsr_confirmation_email Enables notifications to be sent via email upon FSR submission Actors
Conditional mobile_appointment_use_VAOS_v2 Enables a user to use VAOS v2 endpoints rather then v0 Actors
Conditional profile_force_bad_address_indicator Allows to force the BAI experience for UAT testing Actors
Conditional profile_show_pronouns_and_sexual_orientation Show/hide Pronouns and Sexual Orientation fields on profile page Actors
Conditional va_online_scheduling_acheron_service Toggle for the Acheron service changes Actors
Conditional va_online_scheduling_facilities_service_v2 Toggle for new mobile facility service v2 endpoints Actors
Conditional va_online_scheduling_vaos_service_cc_appointments Toggle for new vaos service cc appointments. Actors
Conditional va_online_scheduling_vaos_service_requests Toggle for new vaos service requests. Actors
Conditional va_online_scheduling_vaos_service_va_appointments Toggle for new vaos service va appointments. Actors
Conditional va_online_scheduling_vaos_v2_next Toggle for tickets with the label vaos-v2-next will be behind this flag Actors
Conditional va_online_scheduling_variant_testing Toggle for VAOS variant testing. Actors
Off career_counseling_confirmation_email Enables Career Counseling claim email confirmation upon submission
Off caregiver_async Submit 1010cg applications using a background job
Off cerner_allow_partial_facilities This will allow cerner facilities to be set to partially cerner or all cerner.
Off cerner_override_463 This will show the Cerner facility 463 as `isCerner`.
Off cerner_override_648 This will show the Cerner facility 648 as `isCerner`.
Off cerner_override_663 This will show the Cerner facility 663 as `isCerner`.
Off check_in_experience_chip_500_error_mapping_enabled Enables 500 mapping for CHIP endpoint in check-in & pre-checkin
Off check_in_experience_lorota_deletion_enabled Enables lorota delete endpoint call for users exceeding max auth attempts
Off check_in_experience_mock_enabled Enables downstream responses to be returned via betamocks
Off check_in_experience_synthetic_metric_name Enables updating the StatsD metric name for Synthetic check traffic
Off check_in_experience_translation_disclaimer_tagalog_enabled Enables disclaimer for possible untranslated content on tagalog pages
Off check_va_inbox_enabled Enables check inbox link
Off contact_info_change_email Send user a notification email when their contact info changes.
Off covid_vaccine_scheduling_frontend Toggles the availability of covid-19 vaccine scheduling links in the facility locator frontend
Off debt_letters_show_letters_vbms Enables debt letter download from VBMS
Off decision_review_hlr_pii_expunge_enabled Enables the higher level review PII expunge job
Off decision_review_hlr_status_update_throttling Throttles requests to CMP when updating HLR statuses
Off decision_review_icn_updater_enabled Enables the ICN lookup job
Off decision_review_nod_email Send email notification for successful NOD submission
Off decision_review_nod_pii_expunge_enabled Enables the notice of disagreement PII expunge job
Off decision_review_sc_pii_expunge_enabled Enables the supplemental claim PII expunge job
Off disability_compensation_pif_fail_notification enables sending notifications to vets if their 526 claim submission fails with PIF in Use Error
Off education_reports_cleanup Updates to the daily education reports to remove old data that isn't needed in the new fiscal year
Off enrollment_verification Enables access to the Enrollment Verification app
Off facilities_ppms_suppress_all Hide all ppms search options
Off facilities_ppms_suppress_community_care Hide ppms community care searches
Off facilities_ppms_suppress_pharmacies Front End Flag to suppress the ability to search for pharmacies
Off facility_locator_lat_long_only Send only lat/long values (no bounding box or address) to the API when querying for facilities.
Off facility_locator_predictive_location_search Use predictive location search in the Facility Locator UI
Off facility_locator_show_operational_hours_special_instructions Display new field operationalHoursSpecialInstructions for VA facilities
Off find_forms_show_pdf_modal Shows the PDF modal for the Find VA Forms page.
Off form674_confirmation_email Form 674 - Email submission confirmation
Off hca_enrollment_status_override_enabled Enables override of enrollment status for a user, to allow multiple submissions with same user.
Off in_progress_form_reminder_526ez Enable/disable 526ez in progress form reminders (sent via VaNotify)
Off medical_copays_html_medical_statements_view_enabled This will show new 508 compliant medical statement views
Off medical_copays_six_mo_window This will filter to only show medical copays within the last 6 months
Off medical_copays_zero_debt Enables zero debt balances feature on the medical copays application
Off mega_menu_mobile_v2 Separates mobile mega menu from desktop mega menu
Off mhv_to_logingov_account_transition Enables/disables MHV to account transfer experience (Identity)
Off mhv_to_logingov_account_transition_banner Enables/disables MHV to account transfer banner experience (Identity)
Off mhv_to_logingov_account_transition_modal Enables/disables MHV to account transfer modal experience (Identity)
Off mhv_to_logingov_account_transition_urgent Enables/disables MHV to account transfer urgent experience (Identity)
Off move_form_back_button Test moving form back button to the top of the page
Off pre_entry_covid19_screener Toggle for the entire pre-entry covid 19 self-screener available at /covid19screener and to be used by visitors to VHA facilities in lieu of manual screening with a VHA employee. This toggle is owned by Patrick B. and the rest of the CTO Health Products team.
Off profile_email_specify_change When enabled, if a user changes a phone number, the notification email will specify whether the home or mobile phone was changed. For an address change, the notification email will specify whether the residential or correspondence address was changed.
Off profile_hide_direct_deposit_comp_and_pen Hides disability comp and pen section of the Profile - Direct Deposit page during a service outage
Off profile_show_appeal_status_notification_setting' Show/Hide the appeal status change notification setting in profile
Off profile_show_military_academy_attendance When enabled, profile service history will include military academy attendance.
Off profile_show_payments_notification_setting Show/Hide the payments section of notifications in profile
Off profile_use_vafsc Use VA Forms System Core for forms instead of schema based forms
Off rated_disabilities_sort_ab_test Allows us to set up AB test of sorting on rated disabilities app
Off rrd_hypertension_mas_notification Notifies MAS service of single-issue hypertension claims
Off rrd_mas_all_claims_notification Notifies MAS service of all MAS-eligible claims that have come through
Off rrd_mas_all_claims_tracking Enables Slack and other email notifications for all MAS-eligible claims
Off rrd_new_pact_related_disability Sends notification to Slack channel if a new claim includes a PACT-related disability that RRD handles
Off search_representative Enable frontend application and cta for Search Representative application
Off shift_vets_banner Shift veteran banner position on the home page
Off show_edu_benefits_1990e_wizard This determines when the wizard should show up on the 1990e introduction page
Off show_edu_benefits_1990n_wizard This determines when the wizard should show up on the 1990N introduction page
Off show_form_i18n Enables the internationalization features for forms
Off show_updated_fry_dea_app Show the new version of the Fry/DEA form.
Off subform_8940_4192 Form 526 subforms for unemployability & connected employment information
Off va_global_downtime_notification Enables global downtime notification- do not use in production
Off va_home_preview Allows user testing for Homepage redesign - do not use in production
Off va_online_scheduling_appointment_list Toggle for the new appointment List feature
Off va_online_scheduling_clinic_location Toggle for display of clinic location on appointment detail page
Off va_online_scheduling_facility_selection_v2_2 Set up toggle in anticipation of the next iteration of facility selection, version 2.2.
Off va_online_scheduling_poc_health_apt Toggle for health apartment proof of concept
Off va_online_scheduling_status_improvement_canceled Toggle to display canceled booked appointments
Off va_online_scheduling_use_dsot Toggle for querying Drupal Source of Truth for Acheron flag
Off virtual_agent_user_access_records Enables collection of user data for VBA